How I met my husband…

Carrie, over at The Gremlin Wrangler, asked this question today. Funny thing is, the guy whom I met my husband, Phil, through is celebrating a birthday today. He is probably about 48 or so! lol….

Here goes….First time I “met” Phil was at church after a Wednesday evening service. It was in September.He was there with Rick and a bunch of us were chatting about who knows what? Next time I met him was on the occasion to go and hear Rick play drums with his band along with a bunch of friends of mine. I was thinking that Rick was kind of cute, and hoped to get to know him. Well when you go to hear a guy in a band, he is pretty busy all night. And when that drummer brings along his roommate, Phil, who knows no one, he finds himself talking to the girl who wants an “in” with the drummer. Well Phil was really easy to talk to. We talked all night long. After the band played, a few of us went out for coffee. There was one other guy along and he was obnoxious. There was no getting to know Rick.

A few weeks later Rick and I went out for a date. We dated a few times over the next month, into January. In the meantime, Phil would sit with me and my girls at the Sunday night church services. After all, Rick was playing drums for the worship team and I was the only other person Phil really knew, if you count that night we met at the coffeehouse. Things didn’t work out with Rick, which is a good thing, in hindsight.

After that Phil and I continued the sitting together thing at church and I eventually asked him out for dinner, not a date, just friends. He accepted and we went and hung out. At the time, my girls were having weekly visits with their bio-dad so I had a lot of free Friday nights. I took Phil to Denny’s on his birthday, in March, for the free birthday meals they used to do. I think he was impressed. Rick was not happy about our friendship. He accused us of horrible things that weren’t true. Both Phil and I were hurt. I was worried because Phil lived with him. He was going to school at the time and working 3 jobs to make ends meet. He could not afford to live alone. I invited him over to my dad’s, where I lived, for many dinners. Eventually Phil gave up caring about what Rick thought about us and we got a bit more serious. By June, we took a trip to Creation 1993 to meet his dad along with his home church’s youth group. We spent a great day attending the concerts and stuff. One time, when climbing a huge hill, Phil grabbed my hand to help me up and never let go. Later that night we discussed that we were taking the next step and calling our relationship a serious one, past dating and not quite engagement.

About a week later we kissed for the first time, skyrockets indeed! We were engaged by August. He didn’t really mean to propose that night, it just happened as we were discussing his future after graduating school. He was training to be an aircraft mechanic. So we decided we were getting married because he didn’t want me out of his future, but in it. The next morning he went home to Ohio to visit his parents and tell them. I didn’t hear from him till Sunday night. I almost died that weekend thinking he forgot all about me! It was rough. I cried on the phone to my best friend. She got me through it. Then Sunday night when he came home, he asked my dad and my girls for permission to marry me. They all said yes. We were married in January 1994. We just celebrated 14 years and now have 2 boys together.

The end.



  1. Kim said

    Sweet story! Thanks for sharing!

  2. thanks for playing along! Another Denny’s inhabitant, huh? And Charlie played the drums in a band too!

    It was fun to read your story.

  3. Jesse said

    Sounds like you two got a solid start – and it’s working out pretty well! Great luuuurve story 🙂

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