The move is complete

I finally deleted my blog at blogger but the placeholder is still there. If you found me by way of my profile page there, please change your bookmarks now. Thanks.

Now, there are many lurkers to my blog. How about letting me know who you are? I know how to track down some of you because I know how you get here. 🙂 I think that once in awhile, all lurkers should comment when visiting a blog, don’t you?

This is it for today. Let’s see if my blog here picks up the traffic the old blog did. People found me in most unusual ways. They searched for things like “fat haircut” or “fat chicks” or even “emotionally hijacking and child raising”! Should get interesting. Oh yeah, someone found this blog by searching for “mccain romney love”. Now besides today, just when did I post about them???



  1. Melanie said

    Off to fix the blog link on my page. Good to *see* ya!

  2. How about “sumo wrestler testicles”? Not on my blog, but someone else’s….. what could they possibly be trying to find out?!? 🙂

  3. Grits said

    Well, I’m here and reading. :oD


  4. Toby said

    I am one of your lurkers. Come comment (or lurk if you like) on my blog. 🙂

  5. Sonshine said

    LOL! Hey someone found my blog via the “mccain romney love” too and I didn’t blog about them either! Interesting!

    I come and read but sometimes don’t post a comment. I’ll try to do better! 🙂

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