Sunday news

I haven’t felt like doing my normal blogging this week. Not sure why. Anyway, today I am home from church as I did not feel well. And tomorrow I am meeting the guy about a job. So I want to be well.

Last night was our last Blue and Gold Cub Scout banquet. Caleb crosses over to Boy Scouts next month so this was it for us for the B & G’s. Caleb and I worked on a cake for the dessert contest. His idea was to make a cake and decorate the top to look like the cross-over ceremony. So we found pictures of his Cubmaster and his new Scoutmaster, cut them out and taped to popsicle sticks. We mad a bridge with the Arrow of Light symbol on it. Here is the picture. Oh yeah, he won Judge’s Choice! Way to go Caleb!!!

  att00039.jpg Click for a larger view.

We had to take a picture of Caleb for his stick to go on the bridge. Well we didn’t know it was an anonymous contest so Phil covered Caleb during the judging. He was very proud of the job he did. He did a lot of work with me.

So I got an email on Friday about a job doing data collecting for AC Nielsen. I hope I get it as it’s something I want to do and something that has flexible hours I can work into my schedule. I called the supervisor who emailed me and from the way the conversation went, it sounds like I have the job if I want it. That’s kind of cool. I was going to apply for 2 different library positions last week but found out that the deadlines for applications had passed. And one job had over 70 applications alone! I knew it was hopeless.

I guess we will find out if I can hold down a job and will it work for my family. Stay tuned.



  1. Minkydo said

    The cake looks great!

  2. Shane said

    What a great cake idea!

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