What a day!

It’s been busy and hectic. First we started our morning off with an ice/rain/freezing rain mix that caused 1/4 inch of ice on everything, including my van. Then I had to go to my first in-store training session in that weather. I had to scrape off ice from the windows so I could see. Then I took my life in my hands and drove the 30 min. to the store to meet Mary.

We spent 2 hours and 10 min. just going through 2 stores and talking about the job. It was tough on my back, that is going to be an issue for the first few weeks or so. I will have to get used to all that walking and stopping. Mary says it’s gets easier once you have a pattern in each store, so that’s good to know.

Then after I came home, Jake came home from school so defeated. He had 2 assignments due tomorrow and was in no shape, brainwise, to complete them. So off I sent an email to the teachers asking for the first extension I have asked for in months for him. I am sure they will give it to him. He was student of the month for January!

Seeing as how the weather was not letting up, we decided to stay home. Good thing because we discovered our roof was leaking. Water was coming down onto my bedroom carpet from the ceiling by way of the ceiling fan. Phil checked in the attic and found 5 leaks. He put buckets and a pot under them. Hopefully we can get it all worked out soon and not cost a lot of money.

Weather worked weird on our behalf today. We stayed home from the choir concert and scouts and my class was cancelled because of weather. But the same weather caused our roof problems. We did gather as a family and pray for the house and invited “heaven to invade earth” like Bill Johnson says in his book. We took possession of our house for the Lord. I pray this rain/sleet/ice mix lets up and we can sleep peacefully.


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