My apologies…

I have to extend my apologies to the couple sitting in the booth behind us at dinner. My son did not mean to talk all night long. He did not wish to interupt your meal with his outrageous stories of a single player scoring 100 points in a basketball game, or that a boy cracked his bus window, or that his dreams are so real that he wakes up expecting them to be happening. I also hope you don’t think he is really going to kill anyone after his lunchtime discussion with Zach about how someone can kill another person with a rubberband and a paperclip. I hope you aren’t wishing you didn’t pay school taxes!

I am sorry he was loud but he had our attention and that was important to him tonight. I am hoping that he amused you and you think we handled him correctly. Even if you didn’t, that’s ok too because chances are we will never see you again, at least not at Applebee’s.

I hope the waitress didn’t mind our “custom” orders or having to bring the “to-go” box to the talker who managed to only eat half of his burger. We tried to be neat and clean, if nothing else. We tipped you nicely and didn’t demand much, even when I asked for more salad dressing. It was a nice dinner out and no tears from anyone, especially me.

See some families can go out and have a nice time, talking and eating and being “normal”, what ever that might be these days.



  1. Minkydo said

    Sounds like some of our family meals at restaurants. *lol*

  2. You are too funny! We’ve had many dinners like that too. My kids are always drawn to the childless smoking couple. My son has lots of advice! Btw, thanks for adding my button to your page. It made me feel all Hollywoodish and stuff!

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