Proud momma moment…

Last night my son Caleb earned his Arrow of Light award, the highest award in Cub Scouts. He then crossed over into Boy Scouts, joining his brother, Jake, in the local troop. He is so proud and so am I and his father. That boy worked hard! He earned it in about 5 months instead of about 2 years. He was in Webelos I in September but because of issues involving the den leaders and others, he was ready to quit. We got permission for him to join the Webelos II den and move up, since he is 11. It was in that den that he worked like crazy to complete all the requirements to get his AoL award. I will post a picture or two later. I am waiting on some through email from other parents who had cameras. We have yet buy a new one! That is coming soon.

I am loving my new job even though I am still in training. So far it’s easy but lots of headwork. I have to use my brain a lot to work this job. I am still asking myself the questions out loud while I go through a store and all it’s different displays that I have to scan. I think once I get my rhthym down, it will be easier and I won’t be asking all the questions out loud. They will just come natural.

Tomorrow is spring break for the boys. Yippee! No more getting up super early for me! I am not working again till next Thursday. Phil and I are getting away for a few days next week. The boys are visiting Brit and going to help her with the babies for a few days. I know they will love it. Maybe I will post a Thursday Thirteen later. Right now I have to make a snack for Caleb’s class since it’s my turn this month. Green rice krispy treats!


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