My new project…

I needed something to keep me busy and off this computer so much. Oh but my aching back! I set out to make burp cloths for my grandbabies. Asher is only 2 months so Brit can use them with him for awhile. Lauren is due in August so I have time to make those but since I am a rusty seamstress, I began today. Good thing too! I had to buy, wash and dry  then iron all the materials and cloth diapers. I am decorating the diapers with super cute flannel for super cute burp cloths! So far the two I have done are cute. I am so proud of myself today.

Not only did I do the two burp cloths, I sewed patches on my sons’ boy scout shirts. Whew that was a chore and a half. Patches are hard. Especially any on the sleeves and there were a bunch of those.

Here are some pictures. One is of the 2 diapers with decorative stitching. I did one with the zigzag and the other a double row of straight stitches.  The other photo is the rest of the cute material I am going to use. I have to give thanks to the following bloggers for their ideas.  Barb at A Chelsea Morning for the diaper design and then I found this from Shannon at Rocks in My Dryer. I can’t wait to give some to Brit on Tuesday when they come for a day visit.



  1. Jessica said

    Looks like some neat crafty ideas to do offline. It is very important to keep some time set aside for offline stuff too isn’t it? Those are super!

  2. Grits said

    Oh! I love the monkey fabric! Too cute!

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