Thursday Thirteen

I can’t seem to upload picture files, so I’ll do without it!

Thirteen quirks about my job:

1. I get asked way too many times if I work for the store I am in.

2. I am really tired of hearing 80’s Pop “muzak” in the stores.

3. On the other hand, I like that one store plays a local country station.

4. People think I am doing an important job cause I have a “computer-like” device in my hand. Hah!

5. The pay is still good for what I am doing.

6. I get to read funny bumper stickers. How about this one, seen on a gas-guzzling Land Rover-“Tree hugging dirt worshipper”! lol…

7. I am still finding time to complete my house duties.

8. In the busyness, I still found time to take up an old hobby-sewing.

9. I feel good about myself and what I am doing.

10. I get to see what is on sale and where to shop for good deals.

11. I spend less time online, good-but less time playing Literati=bad!

12. I am getting better at organizing my time and things.

13. I don’t have a boss hovering over me every day I go to work! That is a good part although my boss is really a nice guy.

So there are some thoughts about my job I have been wanting to blog about but haven’t found the time. Visit Thursday Thirteen for more fun!



  1. Always important to find good points about yur job, and it is wonderful you have gotten back to sewing I find it a very relaxing hobby – stressful at times too though.
    I had fun visiting your TT.
    Mine is at The Cafe.
    Hope you’ll drop by.

  2. Di said

    Those quirks sound like they make it worth working.

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