Did you miss me?

I hope so. I  know I have a few faithful readers. I am so behind in blogging. I am too tired to think, on most days, about what to blog about. I still like my job. Phil is going to hear some big news about his job today or tomorrow so I will blog again when we know something. In any case, it means big changes for us. The boys are doing great. Lauren feels good and the baby is moving around, almost to where we can feel him move from the outside. Jake loves to feel her belly. I know that I still think adoption would be best but I am certain she is going to keep her boy and raise him. It will be hard and I am not sure of how my support will look like in the future but for now, I am here for her. Life has been easier since she moved out. We get along better because both of us don’t expect much from the other any longer.

I am going against etiquitte and planning, with help, her baby shower. The first plans for one fell apart due to the dysfunction of the girl who was planning it. I knew from the beginning that it was a mistake for S to plan a shower. Her whole family is a bunch of drunks and they are violent at times. It’s not the place for a baby shower. So it’s being planned for sometime in June and I will just do it. Who cares about manners at a time like this?

I had a great visit with my mother in law and dh’s grandma, who is 88 BTW. It was a fun trip out to see Brit and family. The babies are so adorable. Elizabeth just loved on me and she always remembers me when we visit. Asher was a pip! He was a crabby butt so we didn’t do too much loving on each other.  Brit and Jonathan gave me my mother’s day gift early. It’s a webcam! Now I can talk and see them and they can talk back to me and see us and all that fun. Today we hope to hook up and talk. Caleb really misses them and wants to be able to see them and chat. See, Brit just logged in! lol…

Ok, I better go. I have some grass to rake. Our riding mower is getting repaired and Phil push mowed the back 40 and the cut grass is everywhere. I need to help him out a bit and rake. Yuck!

If anyone knows how to post pictures on here, leave a comment. I don’t like the new changes in WordPress when it comes to uploading images!



  1. Minkydo said

    (((Mic))) I have missed your posts 🙂

  2. Toby said

    enjoy planning the shower. It sounds like fun to me.

  3. Burgh Baby said

    Of course I missed you!

    Enjoy that webcam. We bought one for every little family for Christmas a while back and everybody uses them to keep in touch with Grandma and Grandpa. Except us. I have never hooked up our webcam, because I’m a loser like that.

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