Mother’s or Mothers Day?

Which is correct, grammatically speaking? Either way it was a great day. I got served breakfast in bed with a bunch of fresh cut lilacs from our bush that grew back this year. Two years ago it was attacked by an ant hill and didn’t bloom that year. Last year was so-so and this year it’s gorgeous! Smells beautiful. My wonderful hubby and boys had flowers, roses, and chocolates delivered on Thursday for me. They are beautiful as well. And I got a Ped Egg for my feet. My dd is giving me the gift of a professional pedicure and I will get it done with her before I leave for my vacation in June. I want pink or red toenails for vacation.  Speaking of which, we finally chose a resort and made our reservations today. All that is needed is my passport and spending money. And some new clothes. I have a bunch of stuff that will work even though it’s old but I will trade new clothes for spending money and to save on what I really need to buy.

I spent the day relaxing after we made the reservations. My honey has been chasing me all day for some fun! lol….he is a keeper, that’s for sure! And then Caleb wanted to play his Transformers Risk game for the last week so I agreed to play it tonight. Mostly because Jake was giving him such a rough time this morning about nothing and I felt as if I had to make it up to Caleb. Jake, without meds, is not easy to live with.  He annoys, invades personal space, is bossy, etc…ADHD is no fun!  Anyway, can I say here that I hate Risk, in any form? As a teen, my boyfriend, and first husband, now ex-husband, used to think a good time was me watching him and his 6 buddies play Risk for hours on end. It only got exciting if one of the buddies brought a girlfriend with him. Or if we had beer! Ah, the days before Jesus and growing up….

So I played and had fun. We got through one round! It’s set up on our table so I guess we eat dinner in the living room or kitchen or stand! lol….we will probably get through another round tomorrow night but then we are busy the next two nights. I bet that game stays till next weekend! Ah, the things we do for our kids.

Ok, I better end here, my honey is sending me suggestive IM’s from the living room! I hope all you moms get to end your Mother’s (Mothers) Day the same way I will end mine!



  1. Phil said

    You’re a great mom! ESpecially since you taught everyone how to use the ‘… Now time for bed, babe!

  2. Burgh Baby said

    Breakfast in bed? With flowers? You’re a lucky one!

    Happy (belated) Mom’s Day!

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