Glimpses of my life

Right now I am dealing with Mt. Laundry as I have forgotten about it all week long. Working and appointments and activities will make a person forget everything! There are exciting things happening in my world. Phil is almost done with his current occupation and looking forward to getting back into his first love, aircraft mechanics. Anyone need one? Jake is doing terrific at school so we didn’t make any real changed to his IEP but he did excede this year’s current goals which is fantastic for him. We have another form of his meds to help on evenings when we have an activity such as scouts or family stuff that he needs to be on the ball for. He took it today and so far he is manageable. Caleb is doing great as well and will finish up 4th grade with a smile.

I am still liking my job. The paycheck is good. It will help with things as we get our finances in order before Phil’s next job.  Some things about the job that are great are finding out the sales in some stores and meeting people. The cons? People assume I work for the stores I am in and ask me where things are. If I am feeling nice and not deep in concentration and I know where the item is, I direct them. Otherwise I smile and say “Sorry I don’t work for the store, ask someone in a blue shirt and they will be happy to help you”. One woman, this past week, didn’t like my sweet smiley answer and huffed off! Oh well, not my problem.

Today we saw God’s hand of protection in two small ways. First, as Phil was cleaning his Harley, he saw a problem and upon taking apart some parts, he found it would have caused serious issues if we would have taken a ride with it like it was. There is a cable that has exposed wires and it arced when he started the bike. If we were out riding it could have started a fire. Then the other thing is that the top step of our front porch fell in on one side while Phil and Caleb were going down. Neither were hurt but Phil was glad it wasn’t me or someone else who would have been much more seriously injured. He was able to repair it for now but they will all need replacing. Good thing he is taking off the month of June and now maybe part of July as well. He has too many projects now.

Speaking of June, guess where we are headed? Phil and I are going to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic for an early anniversary trip and to celebrate the end of his time at the big corporation and moving into his chosen field. We are staying at a lovely all-inclusive resort for 7 nights and will just sit on the beach and enjoy the waves and crystal clear blue water and white sandy beaches. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh…today I went shopping and bought my beach hat and sandals as well as some tops and another swimsuit. I also bought more sunscreen and bug repellant. Phil needs some shorts and I need more capris for the summer so we have to find time for that shopping trip. Then we begin packing. I got my passport and we have our tickets! I am so excited!!!

Ok, Mt. Laundry is calling so I better go and attend to the clothes. Have a great week and I will post a menu plan later.



  1. Kim in TX said

    This sounds like a WONDERFUL vacation!!!! I can feel your excitement as I read your plans. I will be waiting to hear how your time is, as I have never been to the Caribbean before. Please give details of your resort experience, to. My only resort experience has been at DisneyWorld – lol!

    Have fun!

  2. Leni said

    Have I mentioned how jealous I am about your vacation???

    Of course it’s that “jealous in the kind of way you’d only be for a friend who you’re really thrilled for!”

    Be sure to bring back pictures so we can live vicariously!

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