A vent and a rant…ignore if you wish…

I am getting awful tired of being invisible to a certain online community I frequent. I often post and very few participants seem to respond. It’s getting old. It’s like high school. One participant’s trips and life’s happenings gets all the attention while some of us just get ignored by the larger community. It’s just getting old. People are hurt by this kind of behavior. Unless you have some special situation that appeals to the board folks, they basically ignore you. I guess I fall into the boring life category for the most part. I am thankful for those who support and encourage me but come on! If I were so-and-so who was going to the Caribbean for vacation, there would be people all over her posts within minutes with all sorts of questions and help and suggestions for clothing, etc…but not mine. What gives?

I think I might just take a break from there and move on to other things in my life.



  1. Ya know.. it has always been thus… I did not get a lot of chat on my trip to Disney… I also think if you blog something and post it on a board, and talk about it on IM, it becomes difficult to track.

    I say all this to say, don’t take it personal (((MIC))). Some people and some threads always get more attention.


  2. Kim in TX said

    I agree with MJ, although I haven’t been visiting the board for awhile, so I can’t comment on the situation there anyway. People let me know that they were getting tired of my wedding questions a while back, so I stopped posting them. No sense wearing out the welcome! LOL! I figure that people will visit our blog, check in on Facebook or e-mail me if they really want to know how I am doing.

    I am sorry that you’re feeling ignored. That doesn’t feel good at all. But, as MJ said…..some threads and people always get more attention. Unfortunate as it is.

    I want to hear more about your vacation!!!!!

  3. Burgh Baby said

    Of course I seem to be the only one that’s all, “What board?”

    Honestly, I avoid those things because I never seem to find what I’m looking for anyway. Besides, people get all sorts of mean and judgemental when they are able to hide in a computer.

  4. Donna said

    ya know…sometimes people just reply to what interests them. Some days life just simply gets in the way….
    either way, you should not take it personal…there have been NUMEROUS times I have posted places and it doesnt get a reply….but it isnt about getting the reply as much as it is knowing that people are praying for you and lifting you up…and that should be known by you, not necessarily having to be spoken or written…
    I say relax and write to your hearts content, you are not out to make people notice you as much as you should be simply venting or talking….and you should not have to worry what people think.
    seriously….just let it go…the ones who know you pray for you…even if it is not broadcast over the internet.
    you have so much more to deal with than worrying about this!!! Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the beaches.

  5. Dawn said

    Of course, I do not know what board you have spoken about…but I have experienced this and on occasion still do on a board I frequent {{{{}}}} We care here…though I do not know if I ever have posted a comment to you, but I do read often.

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