My Italian heritage…

It’s catching up to me! I have been struggling with some deep issues and, well, today they came to a head. I couldn’t sleep last night and felt awful, emotionally speaking. I called my counselor for a solo appointment, because as of late, Phil and I both go together and we work on stuff together. Well this couldn’t wait and I needed the privacy to discuss things. Well come to find out that the source of some of these issues is the fact that I am Italian and missing my culture, family and heritage out here in little old “*******” Ohio! I miss the community of a neighborhood as well. This little township just doesn’t know what it means to be neighbors in the way I need. We don’t have sidewalks and we don’t gather to chat except on rare occasions to gossip about other neighbors.

So I am missing my people. It’s no wonder I am all about online communities. In the course of searching for the perfect vacation spot, I found online forums to discuss the DR and Punta Cana. You know what? I am enjoying just reading the conversations especiialy the “getting all in your face” ones. I miss those! I miss my family, as dysfunctional as it is, it’s still my loud, talking Italian family. They know me and I know them. We eat together and laugh together. My life is similar to My Big Fat Greek Wedding, the movie, so much it’s not funny. Ric, my counselor, asked if I had ever seen the movie! lol…I said yearly! Then I also noted how I had just quoted a line from the movie while on the phone to Phil while on my way to the appointment. How funny is that?

I need people. I need socializing. I need community and marketplace. I need to cook and eat with people who enjoy a good meal of pasta, meatballs, salad, and hot milk sponge cake. I need Italians. My next vacation will be to Italy. Mark my words, I will go there one day.

I am currently uploading my Italian family’s genealogy CD that my cousin Mike made for all of my family and cousins. I need to email him and thank him again for the hard work. I think he needs his people just like I do. Too bad he lives in Oregon or Washington. See, it’s that bad that I don’t know where he lives. Sad…


People, where are you and how can we get together? I need it and I need it now! I think in the meantime, I am going to cook a big pot of sauce and meatballs and invite someone to share in the experience with me like Ric said. I hope Kathie is available cause I think she will appreciate it.


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