News about everyone…

It’s been a long week and things are winding down. I guess the thing I want to say first is that I am doing well with all the changes. That is big for me. In the past, a shift in routine would jar me into a funk of some sort but this time I am doing really good. Everyone seems to have some news so I will just write about each person individually.

Phil: He has been home almost a week now and is doing good. He is a bit restless and the news is not good about layoffs in airlines but we aren’t nervous. God has the right job out there for him and we can handle a few months of him not working. But can he handle it? LOL…he is getting antsy but tonight he did something he has been dreaming of for years: he bought a new toolchest! Ah, men, they are simple creatures. Tools and metal make them happy. He bought a huge honkin’ thing! We had to take the back seat out of the van to load it into the back. It weighs over 200 pounds, empty. Wait until he loads up his tools! Yikes. I told him that is when he calls a buddy to help load it into a truck and get it to the next job. We have sent a resume and made a call about a local job but haven’t heard anything yet. There are 5 openings so we were hoping he has a chance. Pray about it for us, will ya?

Jake and Caleb: school is out as of today! Yeah…no more homework or tears over homework. No more early mornings for awhile. We all like sleeping in around here. And tonight they are up late watching a movie. Caleb gets his “summer” haircut tomorrow. They are both going away to Boy Scout camp in July. They are going with Phil for a Father’s Day campout next weekend before Phil and I leave for the Caribbean. The boys will stay with their grandparents or Lauren.

Lauren: She is growing up. So far she is saving money and handling her pregnancy very well. She is doing all she needs to do to stay healthy and she is learning boundaries. Thursdays seem to be the day she likes to ask to come over for dinner and family time so I opened the door to her for that and she has a standing date each Thursday with us. We are busy now with childbirth/preparation classes on Mondays. I will miss a few while away but she has a friend filling in for me those weeks. I am her coach! Yikes. Can I do this? Will we survive? Time will tell. Her baby shower is at the end of this month and things are going well.

Me: Ah, I saved the best for last. I am doing good, like I said, with the changes. But I am sad that the Pens lost last night. I finally watched a game and they lost. But they played a hard game and Detroit just outplayed them. I am busy buying needed items for our trip to Punta Cana. We leave in 11 days! Super excited here. I might try snorkeling. I might try a whole bunch of new mixed drinks. I might even learn to swim! lol….I still like my job but next week is going to be hectic and so will the week I return from vacation.  I am forming relationships with some of the people in the stores where I work. They are getting to know me and that’s good. I wanted that to happen. I don’t like be nameless or invisible anyway. One sweet lady at a convenience store was out sick and I wondered where she was. She told me today about being sick and asked if I missed her. I said I did because it’s true. She is one of the few who greet me by name, well by nickname anyway. I never liked “chele” as a nickname but it’s ok coming from her. Funny how that works.

I guess that’s it. Oh wait, I forgot about the babies! Izzy and Asher are doing great. Here is a picture of them with their daddy from last month. Aren’t they adorable?


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