Been meaning to blog since Saturday….

and today I finally get the chance to sit and type out some stuff. On Saturday I got my hair permed. It looks great and is easy to manage. it’s not too curly and it’s just above my shoulders. I went to a real posh-type salon. They had “ambiance” all over the place! lol…there were smooth stones in the bathroom sink for ambiance! I said I should do that at home to cover over the rust stains in my sink! Thinking…..

Well when I got home, Phil and Jake loved my hair. Caleb wasn’t so sure about it. Poor kid ended up crying at bedtime because he just didn’t like the changed look. I guess his world was rocked in an odd sort of way. He is nothing like his dad cause Phil likes change. When we met my hair was long and curly so getting the perm was really good to him. When I fixed my hair on Tuesday, Jake said I was “hot and dad is a lucky man”! lol….he negated the comment 10 minutes later by telling me we needed a bow-flex machine so I could get rid of my “muffin top”! lol….gotta love the mind of a 13 year old boy.

Phil’s parents are back in town and they are settling in nicely. They get the boys Sunday and between them and Lauren, they will be taken care of while we are on our trip. It sounds like my mother in law is not happy about all the coming and going to SC each summer. Plus we all want them to move back here anyway so I think she is just not sure what is right for them to do at this point. Grandma is 88 and misses all her church family here and I know all of us and their friends miss them dearly so we would love for them to move back. I guess we can just hope for that. We had a nice visit last night with them. It was our Father’s Day celebration since Sunday is going to be super busy. Phil and the boys will be camping all weekend and when they return, we will have to wash clothes and repack for everyone.

I have to work a few hours tomorrow and then again on Sunday. I am trying to do as many of my stores so whoever takes on my stuff won’t have too much. We are in the middle of a big set of surveys so I hate to add extra hours for someone but my boss said it’s ok.  So I will go and not worry about work while in the Caribbean.  Speaking of the Caribbean…

I am just about all ready to begin packing this weekend. Just a few loads of laundry, a last minute trip for some essential items and then one trip to the bank for money. Everything else seems to be in order. Housesitter is lined up, boys taken care of, and that’s it. I might not blog again till we get back so be good while I am gone! I will return with lots of pictures and hopefully not a sunburn.


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