We’re in a packing frenzy here…

Phil and the boys are all about packed for their Scout Father’s Day camping trip. Then once they clear out I can begin to pack the suitcases with all the stuff we spent the morning buying! We went to the bank, Target, Walgreens and a few other stores just to get all the junk we needed for the trip! I can’t believe how much it costs to go on a trip! lol….

Lauren is letting me borrow her camera’s memory card since we have the same camera. Now we can take lots of pictures. I promise to share when I get back.

We decided that now is a good time for the van to get a tune up. We won’t need it for 8 days so our friend can take his time and just give it a good going over and fix a few minor things. Sunday will mean more packing. Arghh….

Oh did I mention that Lauren and I are getting manicures and pedicures tomorrow? Yep, it’s my Mother’s Day gift.

One more funny from my house to yours. I woke up to a note from Jake, written on the white board on the fridge. It says “Mom, when you have time, can you buy me 8 rolls of electricle tape and a watch batterie?” lol…spelling errors and all. What could he be wanting to make? Caleb thinks a bomb!


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  1. Burgh Baby said

    Well, I haven’t heard of any kids blowing something up, so there must have been a different use for 8 rolls of electrical tape and a watch battery. I have no idea what, though!

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