Fourth of July camping

It’s been a few years since I have been camping. Well last week some old friends of ours invited us camping with them and another family. I am so glad we went. We had a blast. First we purchased a new tent and an air mattress. We found we needed to replace a cooler and Phil wanted to get a new camp chair using a gift card he got from Lauren for Father’s Day. Then we bought a portion of food for all three families. We gave the dog flea/tick medicine and then got to packing. What a chore. Then we packed up the van after I was done working last Thursday. It was raining! I kept thinking this is not a smart move but maybe the rain won’t be where we are going in PA, about 5 hours away.

We loaded all of the stuff and more stuff, 4 people and one excited little dog into the minvan and off we went. We had a rough trip out since Jack, the excited little dog, hadn’t been on a long trip in quite some time. He sat on a plastic bin so he could see out the side window.

We removed the middle seat for the stuff and it was packed full. Did I mention we brought a lot of stuff? Here is the view. We arrived about 7:30 PM in a drizzling rain. We found a high spot to set up our “vacation home” and began unpacking all the stuff. Here is the tent.

It was a nice size, fitting in 2 twin sized air mattresses as well as a queen sized one, plus room for the dog to sleep and then some. We could even stand up in this tent. It was a smart buy. We only had rain a few times but never enough to ruin our fun. The kids, 9 of them, ranging in ages 2-16, all had a blast on the four wheelers, mini bike and mini four wheelers. The adults, 6 of us, also got in some fun on the 4 wheelers. There were puddles on the trails so everyone got muddy on their rides. We had a blast.

We enjoyed sitting around the campfire and chatting at night. After the kids were sent to bed, the adults would bring out the snacks and we munched and drank beer and lemoncellos. Yummy stuff. We made great memories and new friends. It was just so much fun. I can’t wait to camp again. There is just something so relaxing about it.

Side note: There was an old camp cabin onsite that was used for the kitchen and bathroom needs but we all slept in the tents. There was also an outhouse which served it’s purpose with that many people. We also went into the nearest town and watched fireworks. We were in the middle of the mountains in North Central PA. It was beautiful. I will add more pictures later when WordPress lets me. 🙂



  1. Kim in TX said

    This sounds like so much fun that *I* might even want to camp! So glad you could make these memories!

  2. Minkydo said

    Glad you had fun. I love camping 🙂

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