I miss blogging…

And I miss “me time”. Sometimes I feel like I am too busy and other times I am bored out of my mind. We have lots of good stuff happening. I am just in the mood to journal, if you will, so if that bores you now, find another blog to check out and come back later when you are in a mood to read mundane happenings! 🙂

Today we paid off the credit card and last week paid off the SUV. Tomorrow we trade in the SUV and pay cash for a used pickup truck for Phil. We are both excited to be able to use cash and not credit to buy this. We have been planning on it for awhile now and it feels good. Now we have to just be careful with the rest of our lump sum money, what little is left, and wait on the Lord for Phil’s new job.

Speaking of that, he is still in recovery mode of being stressed and burned out for years at the old job. Tonight, with Ric, our counselor, we talked about Phil being able to take off the whole summer to decompress. I think we can swing it, financially, and I know I can handle him being around. The boys seem to like having him around too. We want to do more fun stuff with them and this is a chance for that. Phil will be spending time in the morning a few days a week to job search and network. Tonight we stopped at our little county airport and just breathed in the air and watched a few small Cessnas land and take off. We both miss that. I fell in love with planes and Phil and Harleys at the same time. He taught me so much about aircraft that I can easily carry on a conversation about small planes and their differences. Makes me feel good about him and his career. He really wishes to get a job in general aviation, maybe at a flight school or skydiving place where they use small planes. Big airlines mean big corporations and more stress. I am all for a low stress job for Phil. So is he!

My job is going well. The part of Nielsen that does data collection is being transferred to a different company called ******** (taken out due to too many searches leading to me!) and I will be working for them in the near future. I might be able to get new things to do in stores which is good because I don’t want to do more audits but would like more work. Just a few more hours a week, when school starts. I informed my boss that in August I would be on call for when Lauren goes into labor as I am her coach. I am nervous about how that is going to play out but I am done worrying. I will just let what happens, happen. Babies have been being born for a long time and Isaiah will be born when he is good and ready!

Jake is having a decent summer. He does a lot of reading at night which is good. Caleb is so moody! It’s driving me crazy. Boys at his age, almost 12, can be moodier than girls. He is also the youngest and I guess a bit spoiled. He doesn’t like when he isn’t the center of attention. But I also realized that he hasn’t had much one-on-one time with me, neither has Jake (who doesn’t seem to need it as much), so I planned with Caleb to have a date with him next Friday when he gets his haircut before Scout summer camp. So we will get shakes and buy school supplies and have time to chat before the haircut. He wants it a bit shorter this time. Good thing cause last time it grew way too fast and he noticed it first. He likes his long hair. I asked him if he would like to try to get contacts whenever we have vision benefits again and he said yes. That would be good for him.

I know I never found time to write more about our trip to the Dominican Republic and I still plan to do that but it ain’t happening this weekend. This weekend the babies are coming to stay with us as Brit and Jonathan need some alone time. We are excited. Lauren is going to come over and help too. Good cause I have a feeling I will need it. Getting them to sleep will be the hardest part. They know us enough to not be afraid but this is going to be difficul at bedtime. We will survive and so will they. Kids are tough like that. Here are a few pictures from their last visit, 2 weeks ago.



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