The adventures of a grandma….

I know this is a bit late but last weekend we had Elizabeth, 18 months, and Asher, 5 months, here for 52 hours. It was amazing how tired two little ones can make their grandma and grandpa, aunt and uncles! It took five of us to care for those two little lovies. Here is Izzy, on my computer chair. She is in the kitchen since the chair had to take up residence there, being as the pack-n-play for Asher was in it’s place in my room.

Around dinner time on Friday, Asher was getting fussy so Jake and I took turns with Asher in the Snuggli. Here we are!


On the first night, Asher woke us up several times, resulting in a bottle/diaper change at 1:20 AM! Then we all slept for 4 hours before he woke us again. I guess he was going through a growth spurt. Izzy woke up and we let her fuss herself back to sleep, which only took 5 minutes. Oh yeah, we taught Izzy how to say “Jack”, our dogs name. She says it so cute. She doesn’t talk much but she says Jack!

On Saturday we spent time just playing and keeping them happy. Caleb was getting annoyed with all the attention and work two babies can be. He was not happy about it. Soon he adjusted enough but eventually we had a meltdown on Sunday. I had a talk with him and things got a bit better. But getting back to Saturday, we had a family party to attend. It decided to rain that afternoon. A good hard rain with wind and humidity that was stiffling. That made the outdoor party in the pavillion crowded, hot and stuffy. Elizabeth wanted to walk around but there was no room and the puddles were everywhere after the rain. For the first hour, she didn’t want down then when she did, I was trying to decide what to do with her. I eventually found a small puddle and she was happy to walk through it several times. Then Grandpa took her for a walk and found a kids four wheeler for her to sit in and another toddler. That kept her busy for awhile. Asher was fine as he is a baby and lets anyone hold him, for the most part. After a few hours, I was ready to pack it all up and come home again.

Lauren was the only one able to get Izzy to sleep so after her bath, she went to bed. We put Asher down around 10:30 PM and hoped for a better night. It wasn’t going to happen. Again a repeat of Friday but it bit better. At least I knew what to expect and how to handle him. By Sunday morning I was bushed. Phil was tired and so were the boys. At least Lauren could go to her place and get uniterupted sleep! Believe me, we loved having them but they are a lot of work. I have no idea how Brit does it every day. But I guess when one is in “baby mode” you get used to it.

Sunday afternoon we packed them all up, they brought a lot of stuff, and loaded up the van with all seven of us and went to meet Brit and Jonathan. We meet at a Bob Evans halfway between their city and ours. The kids did well on the way out. Caleb did not repeat the puking he did on the way out to get the kids on Friday. That was good. We were prepared though with bags and towels, just in case. Lauren went along and was a help. Brit and Jonathan were able to have some quality time together and do things they can’t normally do with the babies around. That is good for them, they need it, just like Phil and I do. The babies were so happy to see their momma and daddy. I am not sure who missed who more!

Here are a few more pictures. This is Caleb and Izzy on Sunday morning, snuggling on the couch in their jammies.

Here is Asher, playing on the floor. He is a happy guy when he is laying around like this.


Oh yeah, Phil bought a truck last week. Here he is with his new toy! We traded in the SUV for a better gas guzzler! lol….


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