Time alone…

It’s been awhile since I have had a lot of time alone, at home. The boys are off to scout camp and Phil is visiting them in the day so I have been home alone, after I am done working. I am already bored. I did some laundry, washed some dishes, swept the floor, cleaned the bathroom and played online. I pulled a muscle in my back at work today but it’s ok when I sit. If I stand too long, it hurts. I am done working for the week so hopefully it’s better by next week.

Phil and I had a big misunderstanding that took awhile to work out. It was not easy, it’s the kind of conversation Ric has said we need to be having. The “hard conversations”. Ugh.

I am so ADHD!!!! I was sitting here writing this post, when I had the urge to go look outside. On the way back I fed the dog which led to me finishing the dishes. What in the world? Now I just sprayed the stovetop with 409 so I can scrub it clean. I am too weird. Well I leave you, whoever you are that reads this thing since no one comments much anymore, with a picture of me and Izzy, taken last week. I think I look nice so that is why I am posting it!




And this one is so darn cute! Izzy’s eyeball!




And one more. What a happy face Asher has!


Leave me some love if you read this!



  1. I read …. although I have been gone fpr 3 weeks….


  2. Joann said

    I do read but I have not commented in a while. I do the same thing go to do some thing, then get distracted & do 4 other thing & then go back to what I was allready doing. We are just such crazy people. I quess thats why we get so much done & also we get board quick.
    But some times I do like having my me time
    I think it is good for the soul.

  3. Burgh Baby said

    It is indeed a good photo of you and Izzy together!

    I totally don’t manage to finish anything because I get distracted fifty times on the way to do something. All.the.time.

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