Scout camp and other random thoughts…

Well this is the week of the boys’ annual boy scout camp week, or maybe I already mentioned that? Anyway, last night was “family night”. The families come out, see the boys do the flag retiring ceremony and the marching and lining up in their Class A uniforms, then we all have dinner at camp and then go watch the camp staff counselors do various skits and jokes for an hour. Lots of fun and great memories. Well last night someone turned on the heavenly water faucet and down it came. Right during the boys’ marching and standing and flag ceremony. All over the hundreds of families and visitors. All over the grass, tents, tables, ground and anything in the way. Rain rain everywhere. Straight down, then sideways with the chilly wind. It lasted a good 30-40 minutes. The poor boys did so well standing in all that rain and waiting their turns to march on out of there. I am so proud of all of the them.

Before the rain came, an old friend from Pittsburgh appeared at my side. We went to high school together. She was the one friend who stayed by my side when I found I was pregnant at 15. She found me in the crowd. Now you might wonder how someone who lives in PA found me in Ohio. Well her son’s scout troop travels around and spends their summer camp at various other locations and this year they choose our camp. Earlier in the day she was at the archery range, where she was talking to Phil, not realizing it was my husband but had a feeling she knew the guy. Funny how small a world it is.

Well because of the downpour, we lost track of each other at the field. I know she went home to PA last night because we did chat for about 5 minutes before she went back to her group. Now I am going to try to find an email address or her phone number and call her. I need to catch up with her.

The boys are doing great at camp. Caleb didn’t seem to care that I stayed the night, in a tent with some other moms, and just barely said goodbye to me today. Jake, though, he was glad I was there, chatted with me and the other moms and was very glad I was there. The other moms thought he was funny and told great stories. He is funny and does have great stories to tell, even if he embellishes them a bit.

Our tent help up rather well, although some of the seaming leaked a bit. Not enough to pack it up and leave though. We pushed through and toughed it out. I also was one of the few folks to figure out the morse code sign at the troop camp entrance. I am quite proud of myself and I got a Hershey bar to boot! I will post that picture later. For now I am off to play games and just hang out online.

Here is the picture of the morse code puzzle.


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