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I quit my job yesterday. The truth is, I missed being home and taking care of my family and home. I was gaining ground at getting organized and then I went and got a job. It was long before I was organized enough and things began to suffer. Not to mention that I was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the work I was doing. It was a good job if one can handle it. I tried it and discovered it really isn’t what I want to do. So for now, I am going to keep being a wife and mom and grandma. I like those jobs much better.

Phil and I began the work of getting the hallway and kitchen repainted. He is sanding the places he spakled today. Next week he is doing a temp job, for fun, and I will be, hopefully, organizing some stuff in the kitchen. My neighbor is going to give some input on paint and colors and such. I have chosen red, yellow and popcorn white. But what walls get what color? And the cabinets? Since she is good at picking and decorating with paint, I will get her opinion. 

(For the amusement of you, the reader, this post was interupted by my soon-to-be 12 yo ds who needed his hair blow dried before bed! lol)….back to my thoughts…

I have bought most of Caleb’s stuff for school, except clothing and shoes. Both boys need shoes desperately. Their clothing is still ok for the start but we will buy a few tops and socks. Their shorts have faired well for the summer and let’s face it, boys at their ages, don’t care much about their clothes. It’s more like I care.  So we will buy a few things for my sake and I will feel better.

This month I will have a new grandson. His eminent birth is bringing about lots of excitement around here. I am not sure if I mentioned this before, and I don’t want it to surprise anyone come picture time, but my grandson is going to be biracial.  I have been fondly calling him my “chocolate grandbaby” but Lauren isn’t so sure she likes that! Oh well. Ok time to tuck in two tired boys and two tired parents. Look for a new menu on Monday.


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  1. Grits said

    Aww! I’m glad you had a great time and didn’t go over budget!

    LOL @ “butt hair”

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