Shoe shopping….with boys…

Today I read over at BurghBaby’s blog about her shopping for shoes with A., her dd. Seems little A. is a shoe queen, almost competing with Imelda Marcos! Well it was funny to be reading that today knowing I was taking my boys shopping for their school shoes. Jake, new 13 yo, and Caleb, just about 12, have not been getting along lately. Eveything they do gets on the other’s nerves. Mine too! So I was prepared for a disasterous time.

So imagine my surprise when they actually got out of the van, chose a side of me to walk next to without fighting and then talked about what brand of shoe they wanted. Of course Etnes, DC’s and Van’s were all mentioned. Goodness, I didn’t think boys were so into fashion but a few years back, Lauren got them into the whole cool shoe thing. So we headed to Journey’s for the cool $$$$ shoes. Goodness, it’s a good thing for those boys that the shoes last a year or I would not pay that kind of money. The first pair Jake wanted was sold out in his sizes. Then Caleb chose a pair that was $90! Nope, past my limit. I had to be firm with my limits. Jake walked out happy with his black Etnes and bar lacing.

For Caleb, we decided to go to other stores. We found a great sale at Penney’s on World Industries and Vans. That was good, as he found a cool pair there. That meant, if I was careful, I could find his gym shoes on sale at payless and end up coming under budget. We did! We found a neat mesh shoe for him on sale for $12.00.  Caleb said that these shoes have all the benefits of wearing socks with sandals except he doesn’t look like a geek! lol..I came under budget for 3 pairs. Not bad.

On growing up: Jake now proclaims to be a man. His reasoning? He has armpit hair, butt hair and a faint mustache. I told him I have all that too and I am not a man! Phil high-fived me for that one. So today I noticed the dark leg hair on Jake when checking his shoe size, which is a men’s 9 1/2!

After we bought the shoes, we tried to find some reasonably priced black no-show socks for Jake. That ain’t happening at the mall. $8.00 for 3 pairs? Not! We then went to Panera for coffee and pop and a cookie. We sat and actually had fun, laughing and getting along. Amazing. Then we all watched the Panera worker wash the windows. I dared Jake to go point to a spot and tell her “You missed a spot” but he was too chicken. Then we were just making silly jokes and really having fun. That is what mothering should be. Not all this yelling business. I warned them that when we got home, they were doing the dishes. They did them and even though it took about an hour, they are done and now I can finish this and cook some dinner.

Happy shoe shopping!



  1. Kristin in OH said

    Hey Mic…Isn’t it amazing how our boys are growing so quickly. The fact that our oldest is in 9th grade this year blows my mind. Where has the time gone? It sounds like your day was “priceless”…at least I know that is how mine is when there is no fighting & everyone is actually getting along. lol

  2. Minkydo said

    I hate shoe shopping with my son. He’s so doggone picky! I’m glad you found some for your boys.

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