How can you not love this?

How can anyone not believe in God when you see a precious one like this? He is such a little miracle. When I have a good one of him with his eyes open, I will post that.-editing to add a new picture, I just got from Lauren.

In the mean time, here is the update. Lauren and baby are doing fine. They come home tomorrow. She is staying through to the 4th day since she had a c-section. This way she can practice walking with the baby while the nurses are around to watch for falls. Plus the getting in and out of bed with him is something she needs to do.

I am tired but doing well. I am home today to catch up on laundry and do some food shopping. And it’s nice to spend time with the boys before school starts next week. Caleb told me this morning that “having babies, starting new jobs and not being in school is kind of crazy and mixes him up”. I agree. We talked about having a routine next week and how life will be easier then. He’s a smart kid!


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