End of summer cold…

That is what I have. And now Caleb has it too. He is home from school today. And just when I second guess the decision to let him stay home, he sneezes and grosses me out! Ewww…he was a mess. Poor kid. I was going to attend a women’s retreat but I am now rescheduling to the one in two weeks so I don’t pass on the germs. Let’s hope I am better by Sunday since I am teaching Sunday school.

Phil had an interview for a job here in our city. He is hopeful and was actually offered this same job last fall but we couldn’t accept it then due to the pay. It is still low pay but we have savings now to supplement that and should be able to work it all out if he is offered the job.

I was really hoping there would be some time between his jobs so that he and I could spend time together. The boys are now back in school and I have time during the day. That would have given us some time to work on the issues that keep getting pushed to the back burner. As it is, we have a date scheduled for Sunday after church to talk about things. I am working through the issues that hit me so hard the other day. Thanks for the well wishes and prayers.

Next week my sister, mom and sister-in-law are coming to visit Lauren and Isaiah. I will make some lunch for us. Maybe a big pasta salad or something like that. I finally mailed my sister the book about relationships that my counselor wrote. Let’s hope it’s as good for her as it’s been for me.

Ok, until next time, and let’s hope the cold doesn’t spread to any more of my family.


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  1. Joann said

    Hope you are feeling beter real soon. Hate those end of summer colds.

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