Monopoly…the way my family does it.

Nobody does it better than us! We are quite the crew when it comes to games. Caleb said it best when Phil, dad, said we are setting a time limit on how long we will play. Caleb replied, “Well our family is so ADD that we will barely make it one turn around the board”! How true that is.


It all started with Lauren and Isaiah coming to visit us and they ended up staying for dinner. So then Caleb asked if we could all play a game together. Of course, I knew he would pick Monopoly-Here and Now Edition. I really don’t like any version of that game.

Guess who won?






And I didn’t even try. I was busy playing with Isaiah and trying to keep him calm for Lauren. Oh well, I guess that’s the competitive part of me that wins without trying or meaning to.

Next time, we play the game I choose! And I choose Malarky!

Here’s the little man on his 1 month birthday. Look at those cheeks! Not mine!



  1. daybydaydrivel said

    hey! I recognize that forum on your computer screen!

    That baby looks perfectly cuddleable!

  2. mimangesh said

    ohhhhh sooooooooooo cute………..i know baby grow so fast

  3. what a cutie!

    and mom’s not bad either!

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