Updates on life…

Ok, I am really sorry but I got a facebook and well, it sucked my time away from here. I think this is going to be interesting keeping up with the two things but I can manage.

Phil has a new job in the aircraft field!!! Yeah!!! This is what we have been praying for. The shift and pay is not great but workable and a starting place. We knew it would be like this. I might have to work again but I won’t go do what I was doing before. Nope, too boring.

All the kids are fine and the babies are growing. Isaiah is on a great schedule and Asher is in the beginning walking stages at barely 8 months! Elizabeth is trying to get him moving by stealing his toys to make him cry and crawl after her. She will get it back soon enough from little brother! Last week my sister, my mom and my cousin all came to visit Lauren and Isaiah and me. We had a nice time. I actually got to sit and each lunch with them and talk. Without all the guys around the place was quiet and we were able to talk.

Phil and I are spending time together this week before the new job. We have an outing planned for the next two days. It should be fun. It’s on my list of “romantic things to do with Phil” list that is in my head. I better clue him in a bit more though or he won’t know what I am thinking or expecting. lol…men are simple and just like time and place details when we want more. Right?

Ok, off to watch for the big brown UPS truck because Phil is expecting a package that needs to be signed. lol…he has been up since 8 am waiting for his new CO2 bb gun.



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