Getting creative

I have decided to focus my creativity towards certain persuits. I think making pincushions will be the perfect fall/winter craft for me. I will also be learning embroidery skills as I go along. I plan to make some more cloth diaper burp cloths that not only have the decorative flannel in the center, but I will be adding some small embroidery to them. I am such a novice and pictures will be forthcoming but be forewarned. My work is in the crude stages. Getting my ideas from my head to fabric and needle will be difficult but I have some great help along the way.

I have been Googling for websites with info and have found a few really helpful sites and blogs. I was first interrested in the miniature pincushions from reading Gigglepotamus and seeing a link to Schmaltzycraftsy there. Lauren at Gigglepotamus is very creative and I love all of her work. Jen at Schmaltzy is featured in the book Pretty Little Pincushions and both have Etsy shops. I am not aspiring to have an Etsy shop but I am going to be making my items as gifts.

I recently learned about RSS feeds and am happily enjoying their use online. It’s really cool because I don’t have to wait for a huge graphic laden website to load until I have looked at the feed update that comes to my LiveMail on my laptop. How cool is that? Cooler if we switch back to dialtone!

On the job front, Phil starts tomorrow with orientation and training. We were able to take his tools to the hangar and get a look around. I could see the lights in his eyes as we stood in the hangar among the grease and toolboxes and airplanes. He is feeling much better these days.

Get ready because I am changing the template of this blog and I hope the font is larger. I don’t like the small font and I don’t have time to mess with html stuff. So I just want to switch to a premade template that suits me and my needs. Let me know if you like it.



  1. mimangesh said

    that the good decision…but create something new which is new to the world…:)

  2. you might like my tutorials:

  3. hey- thanks for the link! good luck with the pin cushions- be warned- they’re addictive!! I could just sit there in front of the TV & blanket stitch my day away. (yes, I am a nerd if you didn’t figure it out already). Jen (comment above) is also very helpful & was very responsive to my questions…


  4. I’ve always wanted to pick up cross stitching! Hats off to you for picking up new hobbies, we could all learn a lot from that. I’ve got this mental picture of all my perfect handmade cross stitched Christmas Stockings hanging on the fireplace some year. Mental image is right! The only cross stitching I know how to do is on on the plastic boards, ha Ha HA! Thanks for inspiring me to try though. So what if they’re all a little crooked and the Reindeer look like dogs? It’s about the love right? ;o) Blessings, Whitney

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