Puppy love…

I hope you are not expecting to see a new puppy from me with a title like that. You have to remember I have a 12 year old and a 13 year old here. Both are boys and both notice girls. Ah, youth.

So Caleb, who is 12, comes to me this morning and says he needs to talk to me. I thought it was about school work or some tv show he was watching. Nope, it’s about this girl. The one he likes. And. it’s. not. me. Can you believe it? He’s my baby! What is going on?

So he was very serious about this talk. How do I know? He gets this “voice over” voice when he is really serious about something. It’s funny and I love it to death when he takes on the new voice. It’s deeper and very annunciated. Is that a word? Anyway, he told me that he would rather we were in the car driving and talking cause that is where he and I have our best talks. So I said my room will do. He closed that door and I knew it was about her. The girl. He told me a few weeks back that something inside of him is just doing flipflops when he thinks about her. He even questions if God brought her into his life. What???? He is 12, I want to shout!!!! It’s not time for this yet.

I am a good mom and listen and let him talk. He thinks dad might be good at this stuff cause he talked to girls when he was young, or so he thinks. Well Caleb, my dear, your dad was shy and didn’t talk to the girls. In fact, if I wasn’t such an easy to talk to person and could draw out your dad, we wouldn’t be married today. I told Caleb as much and he just laughed. Phil would agree.

I guess he finally got a chance to talk to this girl yesterday by being in a group with her during a party at school. He knew other girls in the group, in fact he was the only boy in the group. All the other kids divided up into groups of six boys or girls. His was the only group with a boy/girl mix. He must have been in glory or something, he is not usually that strong of a person to go against the tide like that. But he wanted to talk to her. He thinks she likes green, it’s his favorite color too. But then he told me he heard she likes J. who is his best “boy” friend. He said that is trouble right there! LOL…I had to keep from laughing so hard. He has another best friend and that is a girl, our neighbor. They grew up together, since they were 4 and 5. Very different, he says. This girl is not like her and he likes this girl.

Gosh, what happened to the little boy with the skater haircut? He is growing up and I am not sure I like it. But I am certain of one thing. I love that he talks to me about this stuff. And he listens to me when I give advice and teach him about purity and emotions and all that stuff. I don’t encourage puppy love or relationships at this age but I do encourage him to be friends with all kinds of kids, boys and girls. It’s healthy.

Can I get this kid back?

Or this one? Holding his brand new build-a-bear monkey?


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