What am I doing?

I have been looking at a dead goose all day long. Yeah, some stupid person came flying over our hill and hit one from the local flock. Poor thing is out there by my ditch and I am tired of looking at it’s body. I wish the service department would come and clean this thing up already!

I would take a picture but Phil has the camera in his truck. It was awful though when the death took place. I heard a car then a thud. I looked out of the window next to the computer and there it was. Dead as a doornail on my road. The crows were flocking to my trees making a racket. The flock just stood and stared from across the road and didn’t know what to do. Then they found their voices and started with their squawking. Between the crows and geese it was awfully noisy out there for awhile. Now it’s quiet and the flock is doing their thing in the pond over there. I am still waiting for the clean up of this thing. If the bus comes by with the kids at 4 PM it’s going to be ugly. The 3PM bus run kids won’t care, they are middle and high schoolers. They will think it’s cool or gross. But it might scare the little kids on the later run.

Oh well, such is life in my town.

Edited to add…Jake came home and immediately took a look at the corpse. He declared it dead. He said that the innards are outards now. lol…ewwwww and gross. Boys!


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  1. p.s. can you email me so I have your address with which to respond to your hilarious comments? Please?

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