My tote bag/purse is done!

Ok so it’s just the mock up one but it’s done! Finally. I only cut out the pieces about 3 months ago. I finally got up the courage to sew it. It was a lot of prep work but totally worth it. I am pleased. Here is the bag, hanging.

I am one to learn from my mistakes and I learned from this project. The fabric has an apple print and I cut it against the grain. Oops! The apples should be in verticle stripes but it still works. I think it will be ok since it has interfacing between the layers. Second, I chose not to put a pocket on the outside and now wish I had. I put two on the inside. Here is the inside of the bag. It’s not pink, that is just the lighting.

I am pleased with my sewing, for the most part. I need to do straighter seems but that will come with practice. I have a few ideas that I will begin making for Christmas presents. I have teacher gifts to make and I found the cutest tissue holders and small fabric desk organizers on Whip Up. So those are projects in the works. I am still working on pincushions and burp cloths.

Whenever I tell someone about what I am making, they ask if I am going to be selling the things. They haven’t even seen any of my work! Maybe one day I will be good enough to make a few dollars on my new hobby.


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