I sold my purse!

I sold the apple purse and now I have finished a purse for me. Not only am I making the purses, but I am making cute little tissue holders to go in them with the leftover fabric. I will post pics later when my wonderful husband finally finds our camera! Argh….

I am having lunch today with a good friend. I am hoping it’s a good day. The boys are off of school tomorrow and Monday. Long weekend but Caleb will be camping with Scouts and Jake will be home. I hope we can spend some quallity time with him. He is pleasant when he is alone with us. That danged sibling rivalry runs deep with those boys! Much worse than the girls ever had it. I think it might be because they are so opposite in nature, close in age and both boys! That’s gotta be it.

On other good news, Lauren found a job being a part-time nanny. She will be busy because she will have Isaiah with her and the little one she is watching is 14 months old. Plus she is going to work her other part time job once a week and I will babysit. Then she has one other afterschool babysitting job she can get hours from. I guess things are coming together for her.



  1. Debbie said

    That’s lots of good news. Congrats on selling the purse.

  2. Toby said

    still no photos? rats

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