Another Monday

I don’t have my menu plan up yet. It’s mainly due to the fact that I was lazy this weekend and today I am babysitting Isaiah. Apparently I told my daughter I could babysit on Monday and in my pea-sized brain I thought she said Wednesdays. Oh well. So here I am, at her place, on her laptop, posting to my blog. Isaiah is down for another nap. That baby has consummed 10 ounces of breast milk since 8 O’clock. What a chowhog!

Over the weekend Lauren took the boys to visit Brit and family so I did have a lot of alone time with Phil sleeping in the day and working at night. I cut out more burp cloths, took a trip to Joann’s for more fabric, and made killer stuffed manacotti. I took some to my neighbor and we had a nice visit over tea and manacotti for her.

I think I have another purse order. Everytime I pray about our financial situation, I sell a purse. Weird. In my little brain, we have already established it’s size above, I can’t fathom selling enough stuff to make up the needed funds each month. God is working out something in all this. I am not very talented but I enjoy making stuff. I am creative but not disciplined in my creativity. Oh wait, creative people are not supposed to be disciplined. I can try to be all artsy-fartsy but that goes against part of my grain. Rigidness in thinking is part of being bipolar. That is the inner battle in my mind about all this. I just want to finish the burp cloths, Lauren’s new swaddle sheet for Isaiah, the other purse I have cut out and another ribbon blanket then I will feel better. Plus I have Brit’s purse to make the pattern for. She has a beloved purse of a different style and I am going to copy the pattern to make her a new one. Hers is falling apart. I think this new one will be easy but I have to learn how to do a zipper again.

In other news, Phil is loving his job. He is hearing compliments about his maturity, professionalism on the job and his skills. One inspector already approached him to think about helping him in the spring doing some side jobs at a small local airport. Phil needs to reactivate his license by working steadily for 6 months, then he can begin signing off in FAA log books and such. Even with his past experiences, the rules have drastically changed since 9/11 and rightly so.

Ok look for my menu plan later. That is if I have time. Today is the day we try to buy a Wii for the family. The boys have saved their half of the total for the system and add-ons we want. Hopefully the store we are going to has one in stock. If not, I guess we put it on order. Wish us luck!


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