Saturday happenings….

Thank you for the nice comments about my purse. I still haven’t sewed a thing in almost 2 weeks and I am not sure why that is. But this isn’t about that. This is about my day.

Today I am making the family recipe of sauce and meatballs. We are having company for dinner and we are also busy with some cleaning projects. But do you know how hard it is to clean and do it quietly while someone is sleeping? It’s not easy. But hey, he did ask me to have the boys do certain chores and if they got noisy doing them, then so be it.  I am only now taking a short break to eat a PB & J before I commence to the sauce making and meatball rolling.

I love cooking Italian food. It reminds me of days from my childhood that were enjoyable. Days at Grandma’s for Sunday dinner or times at my dad’s for family dinners. I am glad for the time I lived with Dad as I learned how to make the recipes that are near and dear to my heart. Even though Dad wrote some out before he died, I already knew how in my head. I hope to teach my kids how to make this recipe. I know Brit has a copy and made it a few times but it’s not the same as someone cooking along side of you, showing you tricks and tips.

About the boys’ chores; Jake had to scrub the ceiling in the bathroom. It’s a very small room and he has this bad habit of taking hot showers and leaving the vent fan off. So his job was to clean up the mold spots that developed one day from one of his hot showers. I am surprised that he didn’t complain much and he did an excellent job. Caleb had to help with dishes and do some dusting. He swept the entry and Jake will do the vacuuming in a bit. They are still working off the money we put out toward the family Wii.

It’s fun watching them play the Wii. I love how Caleb boxes. I have some video of that. Maybe later I can figure out how to post a video and you can all see that.

“All” as in my 10 or so faithful readers! I am considering a giveaway in honor of my birthday. If you read and don’t comment now is the time to think about finally leaving a comment. Let me know if a contest is good. I will consider ideas for the prize. I can do a $50 custom order baby set consisting of 2 burp cloths, a swaddle blanket and a ribbon/taggie style carseat blanket in coordinating colors, a purse or a Pampered Chef Simple Additions serving set. Let me know what would be the best prize. Then as my birthday draws near I will do the official post on the contest. Happy day all!


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  1. Kim said

    Well, I *always* read but don’t always comment. That’s my fault. I know comments are nice to read. Sometimes, I am reading on the fly and don’t have time to sit down and type.

    Ccontests are always fun! I’ve done the Bloggy Giveaways for 4 times, but this Fall I am sitting it out. I haven’t even had time to go read and sign up to try to win something – terrible!

    So, if you want to have a contest, I like the PC idea, but the other ideas are great, too. You should do what you feel best about doing. You still have a “bit” of time to decide.

    Contest or not – I’ll be back to read, and I will TRY to remember to leave a comment or two!

    ~Kim in TX

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