Control….it’s all about control….

Taking a break from crafty things to write my thoughts. Things are a bit un-nerving lately. I am doing ok as far as mood swings go and controlling my issues and triggers but there is something on the horizon that can make or break me. It’s called Thanksgiving. I am the host this year. We decided this for two reasons-Phil’s parents don’t have the room or furniture for all of us and Phil’s schedule is not set. The second reason is what is going to be driving me crazy.

Next week he shifts from nights to days for training purposes. That goes until the 18th. Then Thanksgiving is the following week. He should have that day off but we don’t know his schedule for that time to know what those hours are. It’s not a fun place to be. I can’t set a time for the meal, I can’t have my daughter and her family stay here, not knowing if he will be sleeping all day. I know my in-laws won’t have cable at their place and already mentioned coming over early to watch the parades! Hello??? No parade watching this year if my husband is only getting home from work at 7 AM on Turkey day!!! It’s hard enough to think about the boys being quiet on Saturday and Sunday let alone  three more people. Our bedroom door is connected to the kitchen so any work being done in there will be heard in the bedroom by Phil. I prefer a well rested husband and so does he! lol….

So I have to wait until the last minute to know what are plans are and there are people I have to tell of these plans so they can be here. It’s too much pressure at times. Sometimes I wish our family didn’t have so many extensions. There are two gals who are part of the extended family. They are friends and alone in the world. It’s nice to have them be part of the family but they are also very needy people. They can be emotionally taxing on me and my family, meaning my boys. They don’t get adult issues and should not have to. I want them to enjoy the holidays, not have bad memories associated with them. I am trying to balance that out and set boundaries but it’s not easy.

Well ok, enough of that. Like I said, it’s all about control-who’s got it and who wants and needs it!


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