Snow and more snow…

Although it’s not as bad as last March when we had 2 feet but this time around we had 1 foot of snow. We are going to venture out today for some food. We are kind of empty in the freezer and my staple items are about all I have. Too bad the kids don’t eat beans and rice or we could go a few more days!

I finally did a craft project yesterday. Nothing much to speak of, just some stitching practice.  I did make Caleb’s bag last week. I have another purse that will need to be made once the person picks out their fabrics. I am job searching which is not easy these days. Very few jobs are available to so many out of work. I only need part-time so the helps a bit.

I haven’t planned a menu in a bit and so today I hope to do that. Tomorrow I will put that up.


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