DC- a vendor’s dream!

Everyone is selling something in DC today. From hats to handwarmers, hotdogs to handshakes, it’s all for sale!
The crowd is still building. Fox news is showing lots of different view points. They are showing people from all over the USA. They showed one lady who was layered up and it wasn’t all clothes, but food and water and things for the day.
They showed someone in a Snuggie! lol…

Now they are saying over 2 million people. Apparently that is about the same amount of space per person equal to the daily paper unfolded once. Not much space, but when it’s that cold, you don’t mind. The body heat from 2 million will help it stay warmer.

Another set of special guests in the VIP seating is Capt. Sullenberger and crew from Flight 1549. That is the plane that landed on the Hudson River on January 16, 2009. It was a crash landing in which not one person died. There were injuries but no deaths. The plane was recovered. The Captain and crew are being hailed as heroes, and rightly so.

Now the Senators are walking out to their spots outside. The tea is almost over and now Mrs. Barbara Bush is arriving to support the new president. George H. W. Bush and the twins are there as well. I didn’t think so many former presidents, etc. would be there.

Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Bush are now leaving. Oh the gift is reported to have been a journal and pen dated today for the Bushes to journal their days after leaving office. Interesting.


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