Inauguration Day

I know I am not the only blogger who will blog while watching but that isn’t stopping me.
I just watched the Obama’s arrive at the White House for the tea and meeting between the Bushes & Obamas. Michelle Obama brought a gift for Laura. Funny thing, when they went inside, Mrs. Bush handed the gift to a staffer and I can’t help but wonder if Laura will ever see that gift. And does she write “thank-yous”? I bet she had staff to do that the last 8 years but now? She is a gracious lady so I have no doubt she will write a thank-you note to Michelle Obama for the gift.
Apparently Mr. Obama has to wear bullet-resistant clothing for his protection. That is just crazy! There are so many threats against him. I am not a supporter but I don’t want to see him hurt or killed, nor his family.
Ok that’s it for now. More later.


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