Interesting traditions…

I guess it’s a tradition for the old president to ride with the president-elect to the Capitol for the swearing in ceremony. They are riding in a limo nicknamed “The Beast”! It’s some vehicle! Bullet-proof and all. Just what you would expect the future and current leader of the best nation in the world to be riding in.

They are now beginning the parade to the Capitol. There are so many people and lots of screaming. It’s amazing the press coverage we have. The line of cars following the Beast is about 20! I wonder if they wear seatbelts in those limos. I know the day that the Obama girls went to their new school in DC, they were not in seatbelts! They could be seen leaning up from the backseat looking out of the windows.

Can the driver go any faster? I mean, I guess the police are not issuing them any tickets today. They are calling the area at the Capitol, “Freedom Plaza”. The lead vehicle must be press as we are “looking back” at the procession. Wow, a so much security! The manhole covers were welded shut and they took down all the traffic lights.


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