The 44th President of the United States of America

He is making his way to the doors. The crowds are going wild for Biden and one can only imagine the response for Obama. I don’t care for the “savior” attitiude towards Obama but I will allow others to feel that way. He looks extremely sober and nervous. I would be.

He is trying to not smile but at the same time, he wants to. The pressure is on. This is no longer a “what is going to happen” but it’s here and now for Mr. Obama. It will be on his shoulders soon enough. And he knows it.

Preceding Mr. Obama are a bunch of senators and congress people. Everyone is waiting for Mr. Obama and here he is now. He was announced as President-elect Mr. Barack H. Obama. He will use his full given name when sworn in. He is not an ugly man. Now they are chanting Obama. He is only a man. He took a look at the crowd and I would love to know what he thinks.

Mrs. Diane Fienstein is now going to emcee the events. I am going to end here. I will comment again later after the speeches and such. I want to concentrate on the events and be in prayer.


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  1. josephudo said

    As a christian, I do not support Obama and anyone who does can not and should not call themselves a christian. Obama supports abortion and homosexuality…these are against Christ.

    Presently, in the USA, there are those who are planning to re-distribute the wealth (of the world). It would be more difficult for the Antichrist to “dominate his future victims” if he didn’t break their spirit down first. Anyone who was in military boot camp can attest to to this type of spirit breaking/mental preparing programing. Think about this very carefully. The 666 prophesied is the name, number or character of the “Beast”. It is believed that this could be a Skew like/barcode is on food cans which are scanned for a price…the scan bar is a character and can be programmed with the name of the food item and has an associated number. Think about this very carefully. Is the Antichrist with us now and is he near?

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