The arrivals…

The whole Biden family is now there. Now I see Bill Clinton and George H. W. Bush walking and talking. They are part of an elite club. Now all the former presidents are being introduced. The military salutes them as well. I am impressed with the pomp and circumstance of this whole ceremony. Lots of greetings to each former president and wife as they make their way to their seats. The first Bush is walking with a cane because of some balance issue from back surgery. But he is there! Only Ronald and Nancy Reagan are not there, Mr. Reagan having passed away some years ago. Apparently Mrs. Clinton is not yet the official Secretary of State, having not been unanimously voted in by the senate as of yet to that position.

Here comes the Lincoln Bible being used for the swearing in.

Now the Bush twins and the one husband are being seated. Who knew it would take an hour to seat all the dignitaries and such? Every time they show a panoramic view of the Mall and surrounding areas, I am truly amazed at the enormous amounts of people.

Now they are showing the Obama girls making their way out to the doors to get seated. Apparently their grandmother is moving into the White House with them. Just what our president needs, a meddling mother-in-law! lol…I bet she is a great supporter of their family having been the caregiver of Malia and Sasha during the whole campaign and transition time. Those girls are cute and have huge smiles on their faces! 

Now Laura Bush and Lynn Cheney are being seated. Again, many greetings for them. Even Al Gore and wife are there! lol…now they are showing a moving truck on the southside of the White House. That makes it real! Apparently by the time the Obamas arrive at the WH later today, all their stuff will be there and unpacked for them. Such is the life for the president!

Now we see Mrs. Obama and Mrs. Biden getting ready to make their way to their seats. Now the president and vice-president are making their way down. Bush and Cheney will not leave with high approval ratings but I approve of them! Mr. Bush is still a good looking man and has a nice smile, no matter what!

They are about to play Hail to the Chief for the last time for George W. Bush!! Bush is an honorable man. He is getting lots of handshakes and greetings. I wonder if he is sad or relieved today? Either way, he did a good job in tough times.

Now it’s time for Obama and Biden to make their way outside. Not together, how interesting. Is that for safety reasons?


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