The Oaths

Joe Biden took his oath. I guess he doesn’t get to make a speech.

Now we will listen to a bunch of great musicians play a special composition just for today. I don’ t know how they can be playing those instruments out there in the cold. But they do sound great! The pianist is hardly dressed for the weather! None of them are. No overcoats. Oh wait, the pianist has on fingerless gloves. Smart move on her part. They are really enjoying playing the music. I guess they are as pumped as the crowd is and the cold isn’t bothering them. But would they really admit it? Probably not, it’s an honor to be asked to play at an Inauguration and I would not complain!

One more note about security. I heard there is one security person for almost every person there. Wow! I am still waiting on an official crowd estimation.

Next up, the Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. to administer the Oath of Office to Mr. Obama. Everyone is standing and cheering. The whole family is with him. They are botching up the oath! lol…nerves!!!


We now have a new president!!!!! May God Bless him!!!


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