The speech…

President Obama is making his first official speech. Apparently he requested to be left alone for two days to work on this speech with his 27 year old speech writer. He is talking about all the negatives he is facing and we are facing as a nation. Such pressure on one man. But he feels he is up to the challenge and feels he can meet the challenge. He quotes Scripture but yet he doesn’t truly follow it, that saddens me. I wish this speech were more about how he is going to make real change rather than state why change is needed. It’s not the fault of few but of many.

He says it’s time to remake America with hard work and bold and swift action. I agree but I don’t agree with some of his proposed actions. He does have some good ideas and believes we can and will do.

(my satellite is acting up!!!)

Ok, back to the speech. He says the market will spin out of control if we don’t keep a watchful eye. He proclaims that America is a friend to each nation and we are ready to lead once more. He said that our ancestors knew that our power alone cannot protect us, but our qualities are what protects us.

(Note-he is wearing a flag on his lapel today.)

He is speaking to those who wish us harm saying we will defeat them! Yeah, as long as he supports the military. America must play it’s role in seeking world peace, he says.  He believes we should be judged on what we build and not destroy. He wants to help poor nations, good.  He is honoring those in service today for our nation. I wonder how many are watching overseas?

He says our challenges may be new but those weapons that we must use to fight against them are old. Honesty, courage, etc…He is quoting Washington from during the Revolutionary War.

It was a good speech as far as speeches go. The crowd is in awe. There is now a poem being read by Elizabeth Alexander, she wrote it. I don’t get poetry but this is good. I will have to find it later and post it.

As much as I would like to keep blogging and watching, I have to get on with my day. I hope someone has enjoyed and benefitted from my blogging today.

May God Bless us today and our new President.


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