Patient update

Phil is doing good. He is dealing with quite a bit of swelling in his leg but he is allowed full range of motion. He still cannot put any weight on it so the crutches stay for a couple more weeks. He gets pretty worn out from outings. Today was a follow-up appt. with his surgeon and we had some lunch on the way home. He has been sleeping since we came home. Poor guy.
I have a tummy virus, one that Lauren gave to me. Great. I cannot pass this on to Phil, that would be bad. Let’s hope and pray it stays with me only.
I bought a new sewing machine and will post a few pictures in a day or so, when I am feeling better. I can’t wait to learn how to use all the fancy stitches and features it came with. I have several projects planned and need to make a list of those and prioritize.
No news on the job front. I will apply for another library position tomorrow. That is a place I would like to work.


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  1. debbie said

    I sure hope you are over your bug soon and he doesn’t get it. That would be terrible!

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