Home alone

Ahhh no one is here with me. By a strange set of circumstances I am sitting here all alone. I don’t have to get coffee or water or an ice pack or a pillow or Ibuprofen or Tylenol or nothing for no one for about an hour and 30 minutes! What a feeling!!! I love my husband but it’s wearing me down to keep being the “gopher” person around here.
I will admit that he is getting much better at getting around and doing things for himself. Little things to me but big to him, like dressing himself including pulling out his own clothes, getting his own water even if he stands at the water tank and drinks it there. We brought up his computer from the man-cave and he is a happy guy playing all these crazy man games. It gives him one more distraction which is good. He is going to rehab twice a week for the knee and is doing good. Today I am dropping him off at a coffee shop or the library for an hour or two so he can be out alone. That will do him a lot of good.
But me? I am just so happy to be here and be free for a bit. No one is interrupting me!!! Not even the dog!!!!!!!!!!!


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