Life goes on…

In spite of all the interesting things happening around me, life goes on. Phil is doing well. The boys are good as are the girls and their families. I am still trying to find a job. In the meantime, I am getting orders to sew things. Totes, purses and now pillows. I am glad for all of it but wonder how to make it be what we need for a job for me. I am not organized enough here.  I can be organized in controlled environments but my home is about to explode. I am going to have to go on a computer fast to get it all done. My sewing stuff is everywhere. The paper clutter is awful and Phil’s computer made it’s way back into the living room for the time being.  Too much stuff in a small space.

Then there is Caleb’s room. Poor kid, he hasn’t had his space to himself for awhile now. It seems a bunch of stuff was just piled in there during some cleaning and changing of rooms. I have to help him and get some stuff out of there. Why is it so hard for me to throw things out or give them away? It’s very frustrating to me and my family. I need help.


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  1. Toby said

    I think the process of creativity demands a certain amount of clutter… be kind to yourself…

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