Ever wonder…

who buys those tacky, silly silk roses with flocked bears wrapped in plastic at conveinance stores? I now know!

The other day Phil was stopping for some beer when driving home. He was going to a Circle K store and we were talking on the phone before he went inside. I hinted that he should “think of me” when he goes into the store the same way I think of him when I go to the store. I usually buy him a treat or something just for him. It’s always little but it’s something that says “I am thinking of you”. He got my hint.

When he came home, he showed me my gift. Here it is.


Closer view of the bear, heart and rose.


Every time I think of this tacky rose, I start giggling. It was not meant to be serious but funny and I took it that way. Right now I am not really happy with that man so it’s good I am gigglings and putting this on here. It’ll save him in the long run! haha….



  1. daybydaydrivel said

    *note to self: do not tell DH to bring me a treat from the convenience store. Because my sense of humor would not be as good as yours is.*

  2. Toby said

    sorry… wrong account… that comment is me. 🙂

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