Spring cleaning

Gosh, I never thought I would feel good about doing spring cleaning but I do. I thoroughly cleaned about 80% of my bedroom today. I still have one corner and a dresser left to declutter, dust and rearrange. I will be putting my crazy pc back in my room when all is said and done. And I will be having a sewing corner in my living room as well. Ah, progress.
I heard or read somewhere that if you put cheesecloth over the inside of heating/cooling vents, it will cut down on dust so we are going to try that in our room.
In an effort to drastically cut back on bills, we will be using our AC less this year and will need the windows open. A few fans might also be needed. I just hope Jake’s and Phil’s allergies aren’t too bad this year. If they are, then we have no choice but to use the AC but we will be keeping the temp up higher.
Today was a beautiful day here but I was inside doing all that cleaning. Phil and Caleb did yardwork, while Jake went with the Youth Group to work on the Keep Akron Beautiful project. They cleaned a part of the city as an outreach. Then they had a free lunch and zoo passes. I guess they all had fun. Lauren went along with Isaiah and now Jake is staying over her house tonight. So it’s very quiet and peaceful here.
I need to do another menu plan for Monday. Maybe.


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  1. Toby said

    good for you, getting all that cleaning done. I ought to follow suit.

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