Of inconsequence…

Life here has been good. Things are going ok so far since school let out. Vacation was fun but somewhat boring for the boys, I think. That’s ok though, they did get to fly and they went to the beach and they got to visit their grandparents.

We have been sitting out by a fire in the evenings the last few nights. It’s been a great time with the boys, just talking and connecting. We don’t do that too often away from the dinner table. Mostly we talked about our decision to stay in our home and this school district until at least Caleb is finished with school. That is unless the need for a job requires us to look elsewhere, then we will have to consider our options then. For now, we are here. That has a secure settling affect on us all. We can now concentrate on more projects of upkeep on the home and I know that will make Phil feel better. Me too, I guess.

For Father’s Day, we made homemade pasta just like my grandma made. We had a great time. I made a pot of sauce and meatballs to go along with the noodles. It tasted like I remember as a child. It was so much fun making that memory with Phil and the boys. We will do it again soon. I hope to teach the girls how as well.

Today is the 5th anniversary of my own father’s death. I don’t feel sad, just ok. That is alright. I have lived here, away from my family in Pittsburgh, for 15 years so it’s been something I was used to for 10 years when he died. His death did not change my daily life. But there are times I wish I could call him to chat about things and ask about our family’s history. It’s good that I have an older cousin who put together a rather complete family tree/history with lots of comments and ancedotes of our past generations. My aunt on the other side of the family also did the same and I am anxious to get that information in my hands.

We had to reformat my pc so I lost a lot of pictures in digital form due to that. I was able to upload all of them to Shutterfly so they can be printed or put into photo books but I don’t have them on my hard drive at this point. We are going to be backing up things more often in the future because I don’t know how much longer I can keep this pc going. It’s been reformatted 3 times now.

I guess that’s a good update for my 4 faithful readers! lol…maybe there are more, I don’t know because no one hardly leaves comments any more. Check out my etsy shop as I added a few things recently.


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  1. OOO that’s why you need a mac hunny!! I’m such a mac pusher ha ha.

    HERE’S A COMMENT FOR YOU!!! yaaaaay.

    comments are my favorite.

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