My finished project

My latest project was to try and make a quilt, doll sized, that way if it didn’t work out the waste wasn’t too much. A friend gave me a whole bag of fabric, mostly tiny florals and calico-types so I figured that was a good place to start. First I had to wash, dry and press tons of fabrics. Then I sorted them by color to see what I had the most of. Red, blue and purple are the main colors so I chose to make a quilt of the reds. I really like how it turned out.



My boys think I can make just about anything now! lol…they said I should make doll clothes too. I don’t think I enjoy making clothes, gathers and ruffles frustrate me. But this quilt was fun. I have another one all cut and ready to sew for a special friend’s daughter. I hope it looks as good as this one.


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